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Now showing at the Bacon Theatre "Snow White and the Prince"


New president installed at June Alma Exchange Club meeting

Jerry Sweat assumed the leadership role of the Exchange Club from outgoing president Bruce Reeves. The local Exchange, whose primary goal is to help children, is very active in the Alma-Bacon County community as they take part in many activities for and about children as well as in support of a better community.



Last Year's Excell Club Members, when they first reformed the local Chapter had the largest clubs in the United States.






Bacon County Fire Chief Bradley Taylor received a $60,000 check from the Bacon County EMS to pay off the last Ambulance purchased by the department. The department now has just one of the older ambulances to replace to have a complete new fleet of ambulances to provide services to the residents of Bacon County. My Bacon County will be bringing you a feature of just how improved our EMS Service has become this week.

Could Alma be looking at its first solar power?

At the May 2015 City Council work session, council members were presented a proposal to convert the current power source (Satilla REA) at the Waste Water Treatment Plant to totally solar energy powered.
Robert E. Green, President of Greenavations Power, LLC made the presentation.
He explained that in an effort to bring Solar Energy to South Georgia, the State was offering a $285,000 grant to the city to help with building the facility. Cost of the entire project was projected at $1,425,000.
The city would have to pick up the rest of the cost to get the facility in operation.
Green explained to the council that in the past it was not feasible to build this solar field, but today the technology was in place to do it without raising rates.
Currently the city pays a power bill of approximately $6500 a month to operation the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

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